When your business plan, menu, and budget were worked out, the most important thing for every restaurateur is the Restaurant Furniture. Your guests will spend most of the time on your furniture, the theme and the serenity of your ambiance are decided by the comfort you provide them with your furniture.

Not all furniture styles suit every need for sure, but the mood and style of your restaurant define the furniture need. We’ve helped many restaurateurs find the best in class furniture for their dining establishments, as a manufacturer and exporter of Commercial grade quality and designs.

“Fame itself… doesn’t really afford you anything more than a good seat in a restaurant.  – David Bowie”

The Theme and your Dream!

The concept of the restaurant decides the kind of furniture required in different seating spaces, such as general dining, A/C dining, and Family room dining. The combination of wood, Steel, fiber, plastic, and designer fabrics are always an integral part of any dream restaurant.

But how to use them without over doing in the name of creativity is what important. As experienced Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers, we know your need for the restaurant, and we suggest and build the right value for money furniture to suit every need of yours.

Space availability and the concept of your restaurant

The size of your restaurant and the concept in your mind are the two major things that define the purchase of your furniture with relevance. Most of your concepts revolve around the general environment settings such as formal dining, party and meeting environments, a romantic setting, a smaller size restaurant and a larger setting.

The longer and shorter versions of seating suits each environment according to its space availability, as it should not cramp up space in the foot for the staff to move freely from kitchen to dining and navigation of serving staff and customers should never be disrupted. WOW! I love the ambiance! if you want these words from your customers, then certainly your furniture must reflect the beauty of your theme.

Strength and Durability

Always think of quality over quantity, the commercial grade quality in strength is vital, as the restaurant caters to a variety of audiences, it should withstand the everyday wear and tear of the furniture in your restaurant. The important thing to consider is the maintenance part of it if you could find a vendor who is both manufacturer and maintenance provider, it is going to help you keep the costs down.

Know your target audience

Try and evaluate your target audience before choosing your furniture, it helps you save a ton of money before it is too-late, know their demography, and the cuisine they love, or the cuisine you have in our mind, plan the size of the furniture with the size of your establishment. Tables and chairs of all sizes can meet your needs, but the size and the theme of the restaurant decide the size of the furniture and the free flow navigation of the serving staff from kitchen to dining environment. At the end of the day, your audience will not return only for the taste but for the ambiance and comfort that makes them a returning customer.

Choosing your material

The choice of your material creates an impact in reflecting the mood of your restaurant. Wood is not the only solution, still, a majority of restaurateurs prefer wood based furniture. Having said that, the Metal, Plastic, and Fiber body furniture are equally good in terms of investment. The high-quality aluminium and polypropylene materials deliver the best neutral furniture for indoor and outdoor usage.

The design, color, and easy on maintenance are the things to consider in choosing your fabrics, as the finished product always reflects the theme of your dream restaurant. Only Industrial furniture manufacturers know the quality and life of the products and can understand your need better. At the same time never go overboard in fancy furniture, unless until the theme recommends, try to keep the cost in control, as you have many other investments to make, furniture being one among them


In wrapping up, as 27 year old Restaurant equipment and furniture manufacturers, we recommend you to take the help of a professional consultant to guide you, whether you are new to the restaurant business or a seasoned veteran, because the work of the consultant will prove handy at the end of the day when it comes to the budget.

It is important that you balance the scale between the customer and staff in choosing your furniture, as both the back house and the front house requires furniture, that increases the productivity and the profitability. A fully furnished environment will compliment your cuisine and help your guests feel comfortable and welcome.