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Combi Oven XS – Self Cooking Center

Type – Electric
Weight – 72 kg
Connected load – 5.7 kW
Fuse – 3 × 10 A
Mains connection – 3 NAC 400 V
Convection mode output – 5.4 kW
Steam mode output – 5.4 kW

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Whether for thirty or several thousand meals, you’ll always get the right Combi Oven XS – Self Cooking Center ® India Edition from us, now also available in a smaller size of the SelfCookingCenter® XS.

There is space for it in every kitchen, and its clever installation solutions also make it suitable for front-cooking areas and as a station unit. The SelfCookingCenter® XS is only available in the electric version.

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Brand Model

Rational Self-cooking Center XS Model 6 2/3