Know your Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, which brings the smile in the face of the diner to relish his moments at your restaurant. Every Restaurant kitchen Equipment needs industrial grade quality to keep the busy restaurant schedule functionally smooth and efficient.

Because, it’s where food is prepared, cooked and plated. It does not reflect the beauty of the restaurant but it is where all your utensils, dishes and cooking equipment are housed, and food gets stored. Nothing like a Clean Kitchen, builds the reputation of any restaurant, an unclean kitchen results in food poisoning.

“Know your Food, Know your Farmers, Know your Kitchen – Joel Salatin”

Plan first then Equip!

Often, the Equipping part gets over the planning of a restaurant, in terms of budget, space, and menu. So our humble advice is to create a clear Planner for your restaurant. Because the investment is more when it comes to Equipping the kitchen with various equipment. Your Space, Menu, and the Budget determine what to buy and what not to? Below are the things to consider for your Restaurant Kitchen Equipment,

01. Practical Kitchen

The primary goal of your kitchen should be this golden word “PRACTICALITY”,  it requires careful planning to maximize the potential of the available space and increase the kitchens overall efficiency. Regardless of the size, if a restaurant kitchen is carefully designed, the cooking team can consistently produce the demand of the customers effortlessly.

02. Always keep the Space in Mind!

The Second thing is to consider the Space you have. Don’t afraid to hire a restaurant kitchen consultant to help with this, because if you don’t plan your space well, it will hinder the smooth functioning of your staff. The no. of stations you require, will be decided by the no. of menus you will have, and both will decide what kind of commercial kitchen equipment you need to buy.

03. Quality, Durability, and Practicality

Always, make sure the list of your equipment is industrial grade, and always take somebody with you for a second opinion in order to avoid investing in an equipment that you end up not using. Don’t be afraid to buy used ones, but beware the kitchen equipment were the most used by any restaurant, so keep in mind, never buy any used equipment without seeing and testing them.

04. Do the RESEARCH well

Find the right supplier, there are many excellent suppliers for commercial kitchen equipment so always be sure to do your research and you could save a good deal of money. Make sure, the products are durable and practical for the everyday usage because kitchen equipment has to last for a long time. If the supplier is also giving support to his products, better choose them, for a worry free restaurant kitchen.

05. Keep the list in relevance

The last and the most important thing is the Refrigeration and Heating equipment, mainly the quality of the food depends on it. The cooking ranges, Ovens, Grills, cookers and boilers, fryers, storage, and counters are some of the basics to consider. The commercial kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. They are as many unique commercial kitchens as there are restaurants.

A Restaurant Kitchen Should be Well Stocked.

No doubt every kitchen will have very different set ups and different cooking equipment. A well-stocked kitchen should include all the necessary equipment to prep, cook, plate and serve to the customers. A restaurant kitchen will be crowded with staff in different shifts, so it’s important to be organized. The size and style of the restaurant will decide the no. of stations it needs, it can be too many or too few.

The Kitchen is the heart of the Restaurant, which brings the smile in the face of the diner to relish his moments at your restaurant.

Consider your restaurant menu when planning your kitchen. They impact the rest of the requirements for a fully stocked kitchen. Having a well-planned restaurant kitchen will increase the prep and cooking times in the kitchen efficiently. A well-stocked kitchen means better productivity and productive environment creates a free flow of food to the dining room, which eventually brings the smile on your customers, happy customers means successful restaurant.